Sally Brimble

Education Support Teacher Aide

“Hi Gurmit, 
Just want to quickly say thank you. I always feel very inspired and pumped after your class. You are an amazing teacher and your stories and experiences are an absolute pleasure to listen to. 
So Thank you again.”

Penne Horkins

Education Support Teacher Aide

 Our teacher Gurmit is a highly experienced teacher. She has been very knowledgeable, passionate and caring thoughout the course. I especially like the different sorts of resources that she has shown us, to help with students with special needs.

Mr. & Mrs T P Tan

Parents of Q W Tan

Teacher Gurmit Kaur taught my son in AWWA school in 2011. Our son was 8 years old then. He has developmental delay.
Teacher Gurmit has so much passion and patience in teaching and guiding my son. My son enjoyed her lessons thoroughly. She was also able to correct his behavior and instill good behaviour in our son.
We are extremely thankful and grateful for her guidance and patience in guiding our son both cognitively and behaviorally. Through this, our son is able to develop holistically.
We wish her all the best in her future endeavors! We will miss her terribly!

Yu Rui


Thank you for all your guidance during my 2 weeks at AWWA School. I’m glad to be in J6P and to be able to learn from you. You are a very caring and patient teacher, and I’m sure the children will blossom under your guidance. I have learnt a lot from you during these 2 weeks with regard to caring for these children and understanding what kind of therapies will benefit them. I really respect all the teachers and caregivers as it is really tough to manage these children. But it is also very heartwarming to see these children improve and smile at you. Thank you for all you treats too! Here’s wishing you good health and happiness always. I hope to see you and the children again. 🙂





Certificate of Commendation awarded by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) – Singapore / November 2012

Bianca Perera

Education Support Teacher Aide 

Recently I completed my Certificate III in Education Support from Eastern College Australia successfully. I enjoyed participating in the course because it taught me how to support children in a school setting. My teacher is one of the greatest inspirations during my studies, Gurmit Kaur not only teaches from her heart but has the experience to back up everything she teaches in the classroom. She does this by the many stories and experiences she has had with her students in the past.  

Jennifer Tomich

Education Support Teacher Aide 

“I cannot speak highly enough of both the detailed course structure which is very relevant to the classroom needs, and also my amazingly inspiring teacher Gurmit. I feel very blessed to have a clear purpose in life and my future aspirations within the school environment. I am also able to take what I learn home with me and apply it for my own children to help with their schooling.”



Rosemary C.H. Lee

Parents of Chris

I would like to express my gratitude to Chris’ teacher Mrs Gurmit Kaur, for the very professional manner in which she has conducted his education since May last year. Chris will indeed miss her very much as she has contributed greatly to his development.





Angela Tang

Audrey’s mummy

Teacher Gurmit Kaur is a teacher at AWWA School at No.11 Lorong Napiri Singapore 547532. A very commited teacher with AWWA School. One who shows great concern for her pupils and is motivated in every ways to help her students. She is not easily discouraged by difficulties but turns them into challenges by putting in more effort to overcome them.
She has also showed parents like me, different ways to motivate and help our child at home. She handles the children with great patience and expose them to a variety of things to stimulate them. Teacher Gurmit is certainly a true asset to the school or wherever she goes.
A very considerate and helpful teacher and well-liked by people. She has definitely displayed responsibilities in all areas of her work.


Nicole’s grandma

This to certify that Teacher Gurmit Kaur is a fantastic teacher, responsible, reliable, conscientious and completely trustworthy.
Her teaching has always been of a very high standard and has a very cheerful disposition. My granddaughter Nicole was her student in year 2011 and I was in the same class throughout the year. I can dare say how good Tr. Gurmit was and will be, if you will to see my Nicole now: she was dumb but now can speak; was not walking properly but now can run; was low tone but now going high. Each and every kid in her class has improved. She is indeed a devoted teacher. Nicole and me will miss Tr. Gurmit very much, but our loss will be someone else’s gain. May I take this opportunity to wish her every success in her new endeavour.

Wong Joon Hua Magdelene (Ms)

School Nurse – AWWA School

Gurmit has a pleasant nature. She is helpful, patient, cheerful, reliable, kind and very responsible is her duties as a teacher. She interacts very well with her students, this feedback came especially from the volunteers and students who were attached to her class to assist with the students.

She is very patient when it comes to explaining to the visiting nurses on her classroom students, their work and their behaviours. You can always see Gurmit with a smile.

Her caring nature for her students show when she takes the responsibility to administer medicine to the students and is mindful of their needs and conditions. She confidently carries the duties allocated to her.

Noraisah Mohd Mizah & Bashir Ahmad

Parents of Mohammad Solihin

We would like to register our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Madam Gurmit Kaur. Madam Gurmit Kaur has taught our son Mohammad Solihin in AWWA School Singapore during school terms from January 2009 to November 2010.

Madam Gurmit Kaur is a positive teacher who is patient and understanding with her students, in particular, Mohammad Solihin who is mentally and physically challenged with cerebral palsy. She showed great compassion, dedication and love to him who benefitted tremendously under her care. Apart from teaching the children, she often imparted useful knowledge and tips to caregivers beyond her call of duty.

Under her care, our son showed tremendous improvement as he visibly expressed happiness during her lessons more lively and joyful. She is fond of her students and would encourage them even for the smallest improvements. She is also very friendly, approachable and knowledgable whenever we need advice and guidance in caring for our son.

Madam Gurmit Kaur is an exemplary teacher and an asset to the organization.

We wish her great success in her future.

Noraisah Binte Sa’edon

Parents of AWWA Student

I’m writing this write up regarding this teacher named “Teacher Gurmit”. Although she only had taken my son’s class after the march holiday last year. She wasted no time in knowing him and teaching him new stuff. She must haven been one the very best teacher my son have ever got during his time in AWWA. She is such a patient and loving teacher. She teaches a lot of new things to my son.

My son (Saikh Muhd Shafiq) is always so clingy / touchy to us whenever we bring out for a walk. It could be because of his super small build that makes him insecure or for the lacks of courage but Teacher Gurmit help him with so much passion and love, making him walk on the balance board and hurdle. Now he is walking confidently all by himself. Shafiq have always had this difficulty in going down the stairs as he has a stiff neck and won’t dare to look down knowing he will fall if does so but somehow with the help of Teacher Gurmit, he now is able to go down the stairs thou slow but confidently and independently. He now able to hold things longer then before, in the past he would just hold the things for a few second and let go. But now he will hold its and can even pass the item to me if I asked him to. She also teaches my son on how to spoon feed himself and amazingly now he can do it now with minimal help.

Teacher Gurmit is a very caring teacher and is very responsible about her work. She will always make an effort to call me if she found something is not right about my son. Even if it means that she have even tired with all the work at school during day time. Every now and then she would also call me to ask on how me and my family are doing or just to update me all about my son’s improvement and achievement. Under her belt my son received an achievement award and friend of Singa award. That show how well my son had been doing even thou only she had teaches him for only eight months. She really a teacher with a heart of a gold and a touch of an angel. I’m so happy and thankful for whatever she has teaches and guided my son throughout her eight month with him. Than you so much Teacher Gurmit for all the care, love and concern. I really appreciate it a lots!!

Noriytah Sani

Senior Special Education Teacher – AWWA School

I have know Gurmit for close to 10 years. Gurmit has been an inspirational person, not only as a fellow colleague but as a respected friend.

Her dedication to special education is due to her understanding and compassion to people who need exceptional ways to learn. Gurmit embarks on her responsibilities as a special educator by applying what she understands in theory. She is a creative person who innovates best practice for students under her. She is a flexible learner and always eager to learn new ways to improve on her effective teaching style.

Gurmit understands the important relationship and rapport between a teacher and the student’s family. For this she ensures cooperation and collaboration between both parties in order to develop the success of her students.

Gurmit is a team player who also leads by example. As an experienced special needs educator, she dudes her fellow colleagues who are new to this area well enough to inspire a deeper passion and commitment to be educators.

Ms Surinam Bte Ahmad Sapari

Vice Principal – AWWA School

Mdm. Gurmit Kaur was employed by AWWA School from 18 March 2002 till date as a Special Education Teacher. As a trained SpecialTeacher, she had the responsibility to plan and implement lessons, plan and conduct Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) and work collaboratively with colleagues, parents and caregivers. Besides her main responsibilities, she also buddies new teachers and teacher assistants.

Mdm. Gurmit always shows positive regard for her pupils and adapts to their needs. She always sees her pupils beyond their disabilities and has great respect for them as an individual. She works very closely with pupils’ families and has good rapport with them.

In 2007, she was part of the school project team which developed the E-Progress Report for the pupils and the school won the inaugural MOE NCSS Innovation Award.

Mdm. Gurmit was involved in various school projects e.g. the development of the school based Life Skills Curriculum and Sexuality Education Resource Package. There is no doubt about her dedication in her work and in 2012; she was presented the Commendation Award during the Ministry of Education SPED Conference.

Mdm. Gurmit is a great team player and is always very supportive of both school and AWWA wide events. A model member of the team who delivers expectations and strives for the best in whatever she does.





Sadhana Samy

Teacher Assistant – AWWA School

Teacher Gurmit was the first teacher I was assigned to work with in class 10P. I had no experience handling the students and was unsure about their behaviours. As soon as I joined the class we began to learn about each individual’s behaviour. Firstly, we noticed that the children were often restless and had no discipline when it came to sitting properly. This was especially a problem for Ruo Xin and Shu Yi. However, Ruo Xin and Shu Yi was exceptionally enthusiastic when it came to circle time. Realising this, Teacher Gurmit taught me to incorporate visuals which portrayed “good sitting” during circle time. She then shared with me to use these visuals along with verbal queues before starting circle time and in between if the children went back to sitting with no discipline. Initially, I had to reinforce the proper sitting rules many times during circle time, however the kids were responsive to the rules as they understood that without sitting nicely they could not carry on with circle time. By the end of the week after implementing this I only had to go through the rules with the students once, before circle time. Conducting circle time became much easier for me and we had more time to bring in other elements as their behaviour was controlled.
Furthermore, when I first came to the class Randall would frequently remove his shoes during lessons and snack time. Each time we had to put it back on for him as could not do it himself. Randall’s favourite thing was food. Teacher Gurmit taught me to control Randall’s snack time by making sure he had his shoes on, feet on the floor and hands on the table waiting nicely before he could have a bite of his snack. At first, it was hard as Randall would try to reach out and grab for his snack whenever I reinforced that his shoes had to be on or he had to wait nicely. However, in a couple of days Randall understood that the only way he was going to get his snack was if he waits nicely. Randall would sometimes want to remove his shoes and will automatically remember not to do so halfway and put his feet back in without me prompting him to do so. Soon, Randall’s removal of shoes became much less frequent not only during snack but also during other lessons. This technique teacher Gurmit has taught me has not only benefitted the students but also has made lessons and snack easier to conduct for me as a teacher assistant.

Chan Siew Khim


Teacher Gurmit is the very first teacher I met during my volunteer days back in 2003 at AWWA Special School. I was totally new to the environment, I did not know what to expect and I was 15 years old then. I had never worked with children with special needs. She taught me different ways to work and communicate with the students with special needs effectively. She would slowly and patiently explain to me why and how this activity would benefit the students. She was the most inspirational teacher not only to her students, but me as a volunteer too. Without Teacher Gurmit I will not fall in love with these lovely special students and enjoy every moments volunteering with the AWWA Special School.
Her passion, care and loved for the students inspired me to be a better volunteer and she serves as a role model for me. Her lessons were never boring as she would try very hard to think of different creative ways to help her students to improve in skills such as self-help skills (eg. self-feeding, self- grooming), communication skills (eg. Requesting, communicating their needs), sensory issues and etc. She never failed to conduct her lesson in an interesting and fun manner. For example playing with Gloopy Gloop during sensory lesson.
She groomed me into a better person in terms of Alertness (being aware of what is taking place around me so I can have the right responses), Benevolence (giving to others’ basic needs without having as my motive personal reward), Compassion (investing whatever is necessary to heal the hurts of others), Contentment (realizing that true happiness does not depend on material conditions), Initiative (recognizing and doing what needs to be done before I am asked to do it), Patience (accepting a difficult situation without giving a deadline to remove it), Responsibility (knowing and doing what is expected of me) and Sincerity (Eagerly doing what is right with transparent motives).
She is not only an excellent teacher but as a wonderful friend too. She will always encourage me and always be there whenever I required help or assistance and she will never turn me down. She always have that positive energy in her that somehow influences you to stay positive no matter what happen. She always motivates me to move on and strive for the best in whatever I do. She will always give me valuable advice whenever I needed a listening ear. She is a rare gem in the friends I have ever met. Her excellent character is a role model I looked up to.
I am thankful to meet such a wonderful person. I can never thank Teacher Gurmit for making me a better person that I am today and will always be grateful to her to the end.

Theresa Lau

AWWA Head Of Session (HOS)

Gurmit and I have been colleagues for almost 12 years. During this period, Gurmit has proved to be a teacher who is devoted to the pupils with special needs. She is pro-active and would think of different ways to help her pupils without being told.

Gurmit is a responsible and committed teacher and staff. She can be depended to carry out given task independently.

Gurmit has good interpersonal skills and hence works well with colleagues. She would impart her skills and guide especially the new teachers. She would share her knowledge and willingly render help to anyone one who needs it. Gurmit built a good relationship with volunteers and parents of our pupils too. Parents of our pupils and volunteers have good feedbacks on Gurmit.

I am really honoured to have Gurmit as a colleague and friend.






Girija Nambiar

Social Work Assistant

I have known Gurmit Kaur for more than 13 years. She joined AWWA Special School in the year 2001 as a Special Education Teacher. I was working as Volunteer Management Executive at AWWA Special School at that time. My job was to assign volunteers to classes.

Working with Gurmit is a very fruitful and enjoyable experience. She works very well with all the volunteers who are assigned to her class. Her volunteers have given me feedback that Gurmit motivates them to do more than sit in class and observe the children. She encourages them to participate and do more hands on with the children. Gurmit allocates a student to each of the volunteers and explains to the volunteer on how to go about teaching the student. Every year the volunteers who have worked with Gurmit will come back and always ask to work with her again. The volunteers reported that they learned a lot about special needs children hands on and also gained self-confidence when they were in Gurmit’s class.

Gurmit is a very experienced and dedicated special education teacher. She is well liked by her colleagues and parents of her students who had nominated her for Ministry of Education award which she won in 2011. As a person she is very warm, friendly and helpful person. She always makes sure that her students are her first priority.

May Min Maung

Physiotherapist – AWWA School

Jeyashri Krishnakumar

Occupational Therapist – AWWA School


Speech Therapist – AWWA School

This is a letter of testimonial for Teacher Gurmit Kaur. As therapists in AWWA School, we have had the pleasure of working with Gurmit for the past five years. During that time, we have worked together closely with a variety of children including physical and cognitive impairments, speech / language impairments, hearing and visual impairments and developmental delays.

Gurmit Kaur is a teacher who is deeply passionate about her students. She is firm yet kind and highly capable. She really cares for each and every pupil and strives to make learning as effective and as enjoyable as possible. She collaborates with therapists to find strategies best suited for her pupils and adapts them straightaway. She also has a special bond with several of the parents and caregivers, and we are sure many of them see her as a friend, rather than just their child’s teacher. We observed her chairing of IEP meeting and she shared all the necessary information so parents could understand their child’s progress and improvement.

Gurmit shows genuine concern of her students. She knows each of them very well and determines how to help them progress to the next level of achievement. She has strong knowledge of basic therapeutic physiotherapy exercises for different types of disabilities students. She always makes use of group physiotherapy and classroom discussion time to learn physiotherapy exercises and techniques for her individual students to apply daily in the class.

In teaching feeding and communication skills during speech therapy session, she was extremely supportive, and ensured that activities prescribed were carried out without fail. She was pro-active in integrating speech therapy strategies and techniques into the daily routine. Working with her was a pleasure. She is quick to put recommendations into practice, and also encourages caregivers to follow up at home. She is creative in her teaching, weaving fun activities and therapeutic strategies into her curriculum to get the best out of her pupils. She is genuinely fond of her students, and very empathetic. These are the qualities that make her shine, both as a teacher and as a person.

She is a person who sees the individual in her students. She is passionate about her work and has spontaneity of knowledge in depth about her students. She can be the best role model for a teacher and the good qualities in her keeps her vibrant and admirable. Gurmit’s class has been more of a family to her students, caregivers and therapist. She is honest and loyal in whatever she does and she takes up the ownership and holds responsibility in her duties.

Gurmit has the experience, knowledge and education to be an asset to any program for which she is qualified. It was a wonderful experience working with her, and we wish her all the success in the world.


Nur Syazwani Mokhtar

Teacher Assistant

Dear Teacher Gurmit
I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation towards you who have been a class partner and a teacher whom I always look up too.
The day I was informed that I have been assigned to work with you; there was a mixture of feelings that was felt within me. I did not know you well in person and your working style. I was a little anxious as I did not know what to expect on the first of school. However, the feelings changed as the time passed by. It was a feeling no words could describe to express how thankful and blessed I am to have you as my class partner, a teacher and a friend.
In year 2012, it was the year class B9P was set up. It was a pilot class where by everything was different and new from the other classes I have been assigned too. I did not what to expect. I guess, both of us were ensure how to go about dealing and teacher a class with different individual’s needs and learning capabilities. I still remembered the days I almost felt like giving up and I had approached you to share my concerns. You welcomed me openly without any negative thoughts or feeling. Not only that, you had your listening ears on; ready to hear my concerns. I truly appreciate the time you had spent listening to me. At the end, the advices you have given me was a life changing moment for me. You always reminded me to look at things differently- to look at the positive side of things. I was always positive reminders. Never had I heard negative reminders from you.
I had really enjoyed my time working with you. I had learnt a lot of knowledge and skills within a year. You had taught me to deal with a pupil whom I always had difficulties handling. You have taught me how to use a positive reinforcement correctly for such pupil in class. In which I saw vast difference in that particular pupil behaviour and working attitude from beginning of the year to end of the year.

Teacher Gurmit, here I would like to express my big thank you to you who had taught me well and equipped me with the relevant knowledge and skills I needed in classroom. Outside of class, you never fail to motivate me and push me to do to the best of my capabilities.
Teacher Gurmit, I will never forget the time we had spent together in and out of school trying to fine tune problems be it school related or personal matters.
Thank you, Teacher Gurmit! =)

I would like to write a Testimonial / Feedback for Gurmit!